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The Gathering of the Fellowship, Lord of the Rings

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GOTF update [Jun. 11th, 2006|08:54 am]
The Gathering of the Fellowship, Lord of the Rings


Copied from the EZboard, via holbytla

Copied and pasted this from the yahoo group -hob

Hey all,

Just talked to our Powers that Be. There have been some more registrations and some very helpful donations over the last few days. They will know one way or the other by the end of next week. But things are looking better. However, we aren't out of the hole yet by a long shot.

What they are suggesting is the people who are waiting for the last minute to see what happens to NOT.

Go to the site and fill out the registration form. Where it asks about paying say you are sending a check and then just wait. If we do have the con, just get the email address for PayPal or overnight your check.

With the registrations processed we can see who many PAYING people are willing to come. But only doing this IF you are GOING to pay as these numbers will make or break us.

I can't say the amount we need but it's not that many really, certainly not anywhere near the 700 people mentioned before. That was keeping everything flashy, but if we do bare bones and still have the guest and the stage show and NEW version of the picnic we can pull if off AND have the movies even.

So if you have roommates or friends planning to come, even people buying day passes may want to know this and change their minds to full 4 days. Get them to the site to fill it out and then wait to pay. I know a couple of you who fall into this, I'll go poke you if I don't see you listed soon. (grabs Elven bow)

SO, we're not dead yet. There's hope if we can either get the equivalent money raised or get the people or some combination of both.

So keep your fingers crosses and if you know some rich uncles, hit them up. :) You can repost this info anywhere talking about the Gathering.