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Welcome to the community for The Gathering of the Fellowship

This is a place for Lord of the Rings fans to meet. Please introduce yourself when you join. Let us know if you attended the last Gathering and if you intend to attend the next one... and anything else you'd like to say about yourself. This community can be used for a lot of things: posting lotr related stuff, posting pictures, posting icons, posting fiction, posting artwork, planning meet-ups, meeting friends, talking about the books, talking about the movies, asking questions, and anything else you can think of that would relate to LOTR, LOTR actors, conventions, and The Gathering of the Fellowship.

What is the Gathering of the Fellowship?
It is a Lord of the Rings convention organized by fans for fans. The first one was held in December 2003 in Toronto. The next one is scheduled to occur July 1-4th, 2006 in Toronto.

Where do I go for more info?
You can visit the website at GatheringoftheFellowship.org. There you will find info about registering, a merchandise store, and much more!

What other events does The Gathering hold?
The Gathering will also be putting together some smaller fundraising events leading up to the next major convention. Check out the website for the latest postings.

Are you affiliated with The Gathering?
I am an editor for the Gathering journal (formly the ad director), a moderator on the message boards and the Stage Liason for the Gathering of the Fellowship committee.

How can I get involved?
All the info you could possibly want you can find at the website. Any volunteer help is welcomed.
The Gathering is in need of committee members (which will get you free admission and other benefits) and general volunteers (Go HERE to find out more information about volunteering). The Gathering is also in need of writers for their Gathering Journal. Go HERE to learn more about this (art submissions and Reader's Voices are also needed).
There is also a call now for masquerade entries and entries for the art show and the writing contest. Check out the website now with more information on how to register and/or enter.
So please, join us!

What happened at the last Gathering?
Just a few things that happened were a triple feature showing of the trilogy, fan panels, star panels and Q&As, autograph sessions, triva contests, gaming, art shows and contests, merchandising room, and lots lots more.

Do stars go there?
At the last Gathering we had Bruce Hopkins, Craig Parker, Mark Feguson, Ted Nasmith as well as many Tolkien Scholars, and the event was hosted by Cliff (Quickbeam) Broadway of theonering.net. So far this year Bruce Hopkins is scheduled to appear as well as Ted Nasmith, John Howe, Craig Parker, Kiran Shah, Cliff Broadway, stars of the film, Anacar, stars of the LOTR Musical, and a whole slew of Tolkien scholars! More guests are still to be announced.

What should I expect for the next Gathering?
The next Gathering is scheduled to take place in Toronto again (thanks to the LOTR Musical lotrmusical). There will be scholarly guests, artist guests, movie guests, musical guests, and much of the same programming from the last convention, plus some new stuff. There will also be new workshops, a picnic, a masquerade dinner and contest, autographs, vendors, a triple movie feature, special interview presentations and tons more! To keep up to date, then go to the website and sign up to receive the newsletter.

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